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When in doubt, choose to change.

In-house Therapy 

Demand for mental health services at work are rising. Studies show that 50% of Millenials and 75% of Gen-Zers have left a job dues to mental health concerns. To be able to attract and retain top talent, supporting mental health is no longer an optional perk, but an imperative focus for companies who want to stay competitive. 

I have been contracted by Webgains  and GovNet to offer online support for their employees. The sessions offer a confidential, safe space for clients to express feelings and explore difficult dynamics that have a negative impact on their work life and personal relationships.

I also deliver bespoke workshops to promote wellbeing, build resilience and improve mental health.

The workshops bring together the best of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy with the knowledge and tools to put science into practice and help you feel good, discover your inner world and flourish.

The workshops can be 90 min - to half a day - to a day long. They will be tailored to best suit your company's or group's needs.

All training in Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy is run via the London Centre for Positive Psychotherapy​​

Please contact me for more information! 

Bespoke Webinars and In-person Workshops

Resilience at Work

​You will gain the knowledge and tools to help you function well in difficult times, maintain your wellbeing, and thrive in spite of adversity.


Do you know what your strengths are? Your strengths are you at your best, your assets. You will find out what your strengths are and how to apply them for a positive future.

Workplace Wellbeing

Happy employees are more productive, creative, and resilient. We will explore what work-life balance means to you and how to create the life you want.

Workplace Biases

The reality is that we all have biases, and our unconscious is more powerful than we think. The good news is that you can train your unconscious and there are simple ways of mitigating unconscious bias.

Personal resilience

It will give you an understanding of what resilience is and a range of tools to help you cope​ with stress and deal with adversity

Authentic happiness

We will explore the idea of Happiness with a mix of fun activities, conversations, creativity, and reflection​

Mental illness vs
Mental health

It's easier to describe and measure mental illness but do we know what mental health is? and how do we measure it?​

Trauma &
Post Traumatic Growth

You will understand what trauma is and you will learn multiple resilience-based strategies to​ help you on your journey from adversity to growth.​

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